I like doing it myself, like one of the little throwaway one liners is ‘I did it with nothing because nothing is free’, but I did…I started with nothing.  You know, and now I’ve got this, and this is leading to bigger and better.  And I like that.

I think you can pretty much sum up my theory…do really interesting shit, be a nice guy, be reasonably accessible, and people will take your calls.

We’ll, I’m not as accessible as I used to be.  If your photography had sucked, I might have said no, but I really liked the portrait stuff on your site.

And I’m not dependent on other people’s whims.  I wake up when I feel like it, and I do what I want, for the most part.  I mean, there’s deadlines…I have to ship the firebowls, but {life} is more interesting.

John T. Unger is a talented artist, entrepreneur, and advocate for the art community. He currently runs his thriving business from Northern Michigan, and ships his handmade Firebowls all over the world..  Visit http://www.johntunger.com to view his beautiful metal work, and follow @johntunger on Twitter.